Sunday, November 27, 2011

SQL Server 2008 Learning Framework.

SQL Learning Framework.
I found some good material suitable for all skills and levels. Here are the details:

Source Link
Estimated time
Scope covered
Learn SQL Server Concepts in very simple steps. This site provides very precise information about SQL Server basics, along with good examples, and also a sample environment for testing the concepts.
64 Lessons
10-15 Min per lesson
~ 16 hours
Can be referred by the beginners to gain complete understanding about the subject

This 200 page PDF covers good levels of details about various concepts.
10 Chapters
6-8 hours per Chapter
~80 hours
Can be covered for certification purposes.
These tutorials provides a detail drill-down on SQL Server 2008 R2 with relevant examples.
19 tutorials
3 days per tutorial
~ 57 days
Can be referred while working on real-time projects; or for doing research on a particular topic.

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