Thursday, December 22, 2011

IT Skills vs Real Education

Recently, an article was published on one of the technology portals about the 'Top 11 skills of 2011". On the basis of the results of questionnaires they prepared, and the answers they received, they prepared a list the top skills for 2011. But the results, according to me, were bit misleading.

These are just result of programming contests, mostly attended by college students or employees on bench in IT companies. For them, these are the familer, simplest, and comfortable languages. In practice, different results can be found for hot technologies at different sites like:

But in real, the IT skills contains bit different set of names all together. Its much beyon just few programming languages, like Problem-solving, Training skills, Foreign language communication skill, etc, along with domain knowledge like Networking, Security, Telecommunications, Business Intelligence etc. There are few sites where i found mention of such skills that talk about them are people daily, itcareerfinder etc., but there are very few paths or search algorithms that brings these skills higher in the list of Essential IT Skills.

And if you are at much begginer level, you need to get the basic skills like team work, communication and co-operation, i am glad there is a small number of links promoting that too.

If you have these, you can learn any language (C, java etc.) within few weeks.

Again repeating the nice thought for Great Chanakya
"Education is the Best Friend.
An Educated Person is Respected Everywhere.
Education beats the Beauty and the Youth."

But the thing to be noticed here is about the real meaning of education.
Its not just having a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Its something more than that. And that can not be taught in books, but is learned with the real life experiences.

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