Monday, October 6, 2014

Buzzing the Big Data Buzzer

The Big Buzz around Big Data is turning out into a new phenomenon. Big Data, which fundamentally deals with enormous volume, velocity and variety of data, has itself generated huge volumes of data (in form of blogs, articles, infographics, videos, and many more formats) across all channels and networks. And this is growing very rapidly, resulting further into generation of more data. Literally, trends shows that the term Big Data has gained too much popularity in past few years.
Figure 1. Google trends showing results for word 'Big Data'

And even more interesting statistics would be that the word ‘Big Data’ on google search returns around 44,100,000 results (on 6th Oct 2014). (Source:
So besides the increase in number of people interested in Big Data, these facts also corresponds that the digital activities around Big Data would be generating more number of clicks, page views, web logs and all sorts of structured and unstructured chunks of information increasing the digital content around Big Data. These would be further analyzed by number of analysts and data scientists, creating more number of jobs, and relevant trainings, articles, and all sorts of digital content.

In a way, Big Data boom may be fulfilling its own prophesy.

Here are some key facts about Big Data.

Big Data Universal Statistics:

Benefits solving Real Life Problems:

  • Healthcare: 20% decrease in patient mortality by analyzing streaming patient data 
  • Telco: 92% decrease in processing time by analyzing networking and call data
  • Utilities: 99% improved accuracy in placing power generation resources by analyzing 2.8 petabytes of untapped data (Source: )

Big Data Future Predictions:


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