Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Simple Architectures for Complex Enterprises: Web Short: The Mathematics of Cloud Optimization

Really nice blog: wanted to share with everyone.

Simple Architectures for Complex Enterprises: Web Short: The Mathematics of Cloud Optimization: How do you minimize the cost of running your large mission critical application on a public cloud? Do you focus on finding a low cost cloud or ...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Issue/resolution for Google Play Store in Samsung Galaxy S Plus-GT-I9001

Presently, many users of Samsung Galaxy S Plus (including myself) reported a bug with their Google Market Place. The device can not update or download anything from Google Play Store. Its giving a downloading error-905 after completing 100% download, and the applications do not get installed or updated from the Google Play. Downloads and installs from other sources are working fine. (I tried installing true caller while this issue resided on my phone, it worked fine).

After some trials, i found some way to resolve this.

Here is what i did:

1) Go to "Application" (lower bottom right hand corner on the home screen) > Settings > Applications > Manage applications

2)Select the "All" tab

3) Scroll down and select Google Play Store

4) Select "Uninstall updates"

This will uninstall the Google Play Store, taking it back to older Market place.
After few minutes, it automatically gets updates, and resumes back to Google Play Store (yes, automatically).

But now when i download anything from Google Play, it works fine for me.
Please try this out and let me know if this works for you as well.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization

Along with the growth of any organization, its IT infrastructure also grows, becoming more complex, and difficult to maintain. In order to control and manage this growth, some guidelines or pathway is needed. “Infrastructure Optimization” (or IO) refers to the optimization of IT infrastructure of any organization to support and improve its business i.e. turning its IT Infrastructure from ’cost center’ to ‘business center’ for the organization.

In 2010, Microsoft had released details about 3 models as guidelines for Infrastructure Optimization of any organization:

1) Core Infrastructure Optimization Model

2) Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization Model

3) Application Platform Optimization Model

Each of these models focuses on different set of IT attributes (called Capabilities) used within the organization, depending on level of use of IT made by the organization. These capabilities provide guidelines for scaling and optimizing the IT infrastructure of the organization. In any organization, all the three models will be applied simultaneously. Details of these models are provided in a section in this document.

Note:* The organization implementing the IO model should have a basic setup of IT department and good number of staff to maintain it. Also, the level of optimization achieved (basic, standardized, rationalized or dynamic) also depends on organization policies and convincing capabilities of salesperson.

IBM: IBM offers IBM Infrastructure Optimization Services with cloud computing, which focuses on addressing the testing of current infrastructure for efficiency and determining its capacity for change and responsiveness. Through its Testing Center of Excellence, test plans for introducing technologies such as service-oriented architectures can be made, and user can perform integration, performance and scalability testing. These services can help speed implementation and time to value with reduced risk, helping them build an infrastructure that is designed to Support business flexibility, improve resource utilization and thus help reduce overall IT costs and lower complexity.

These IO Models helps its customers understand, scale and gradually improve the current state of their IT infrastructures in terms of cost, security, risk, and operational agility. Dramatic cost savings can be realized by moving from an unmanaged environment (i.e. ‘Basic’ level) toward an environment of fully automated management and dynamic resource usage (i.e. ‘Dynamic’ level). Security improves from highly vulnerable in a Basic infrastructure to dynamically proactive in a more optimized infrastructure. IT infrastructure management changes from highly manual and reactive to highly automated and proactive. Thus it results in an overall benefit to the organization.
1) ‘Infrastructure Optimization at Microsoft’, available at http://www.microsoft.com/optimization/about/overview.mspx .

2) ‘Infrastructure optimization services’, available at http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/index.wss/offerfamily/gts/a1027697 .

4) 'Offerings: Infrastructure Optimization' available at http://www.infosys.com/microsoft/offerings/pages/infrastructure-optimization.aspx

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