Sunday, November 27, 2011

Google's External Referral Program in India- Good Move or Bad Decision?

Google recently posted news about referral bonus to people referring some employee for specific positions, offering up to 1 Lac INR for selecting in it. With this, one question that arises Google really need such attractive offers to get their employees. Let’s do a simple analysis of what’s happening here:

First and the foremost point regarding referral bonus is about money. As know to me, Google is already known for its tough selection procedure, 2-3 tests and 5-7 rounds of interviews for selection of its candidates. In such scenario, the simplest thing that Google could do is to go the some colleges, as done by other companies. In case of many north Indian states like Rajasthan, I have seen concept of Centralized campus, where students from 10-15 colleges are invited for a single campus selection process. If Google gets just 5 people from any such campus event, which will cost it mere 2-3 Lacs, it can still save the same amount, which it would be giving in case of providing referral bonus for same number of candidates.

Second thought about this offer was about getting a database of creamy layer of this country. This lucrative offer is certainly going to gain them a country wide database of many brilliant students across India. But this point also do not justify their Offer completely, since being the most preferred IT Company, Google could have got same database by offering some post study scholarship awards to students and offering them jobs on basis of their academic performance.

But since Google is known for its innovation, this might be another new experiment on its verge of trying something new, which is not by anyone else. And for their experiment, I wish them best regards.

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