Sunday, November 27, 2011

Top Cloud vendors in 2011

In the beginning of this new decade, there are several technologies in focus by the technocrats around the world. These are assumed to be the game changing technologies, and have a huge potential of making substantial impact on our daily lives. One such technology, cloud computing, has seen several transitions, transformations, and turnarounds via various vendors around the globe.

According to Techtarget (, following should be the list of Top Cloud vendors in 2011:
#1: Amazon - So far, no company has come close to the cloud-based innovation AWS provides. Amazon still should remain the king of cloud.

#2: Verizon/Terremark - The telco giant had previously built its own cloud; high-quality stuff but with a commensurate price.

#3: IBM - IBM reportedly earned $30 million in cloud revenue last year; few others have the scale of the enterprise user base to ramp up that fast

#4: - With acquisition of Heroku, keeps its props of doing some innovation in cloud space.

#5: CSC - With its private cloud 'BizCloud', CSC will wheel VCE - the giant cloud-in-a-box system from VMware, Cisco and EMC - into the corporate space.

#6: Rackspace - Still the number two cloud provider after Amazon in terms of revenue, Rackspace may have something in its pocket this year after the launch of OpenStack last year.

#7: Google - Google App Engine has won lots of business among Web, gaming and mobile companies, and is expected to do even more this year.

Other mentionable names in the list, according to the analysis done be techtarget, were BlueLock, Microsoft, Joyent and NephoScale.

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