Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to make your weekends productive.

Really simple and nice way to be productive.

I am already following this, and yes, it works. It allows me to complete more tasks, and make my weekends more productive then ever.

As a software engineer, I have fixed office hours for 5 days of week, and on weekends I like to complete many other non-official works. For the whole week, we keep thinking to do certain things on the weekend, but by the time weekends, those things are also gone. This keeps us postponing things for several weeks.

Then I started writing the important tasks on a to-do-list for weekends. On Friday night, i look at the list again, and plan for the things that I want to do next morning. By this, I can finish up most (or at least the important ones) on Saturday itself, and can take out a happy and satisfied Sunday for my family also.

It really works well !!

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