Saturday, March 14, 2009

Change Request Management System

eChaRMS, an acronym for "Enterprise Rent-A-Car company's Change Request Management System", was first suggested by Mizz Funmi Fakeye, during her MS in Business Information System, from Royal Holloway, University of London.

This project was developed as the major project in fulfillment of the above mentioned MS degree. A team of 8 students (all for the course MS in BIS ) worked with IT Department of Enterprise Rent A Car, Surrey Branch, with the help and support of Mr Hunjan, IS Application Manager of the company. More details about this are available on

The purpose of this project is to address the problem that the IT department of Enterprise rent-a-car is facing- tracking and managing the IT Requests, which includes bugs in IT systems and other IT related issues. eChaRMS will allow all users with a valid username and password, to submit requests; authorized users called approvers (usually departmental managers) to authorize requests; and the IT department to assign and work on the approved requests. eChaRMS provides a means for more reliable, timely and easily accessible information for the IT department.

eChaRMS is an easily modifiable and extensible working model of the proposed system, which we hope will be carried out by Enterprise rent-a-car. Our objective is that the company will to evolve the prototype into the fully working system.

Currently, a modified version of this project is running live in the Enterprise Rent A Car, providing all the benefits of centralized repository of data, quicker access, and immediate decision making capabilities to its users.

For more details on this project, and its developers, please visit

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