Thursday, November 21, 2013

Big Data India

Big Data India is an initiative taken by the technocrats of Advaiya solutions Pvt. Ltd., with an aim of providing a platform for all Indian technocrats to share and explore opportunities with Big Data. The ‘Big Data India’, currently in form of a Facebook page, provides information about latest news, activities, events and other happenings related to Big Data across the nation. This enables the members to be informed about the technology, providing them opportunities for further developing Big Data applications, implementation scenarios and research in India.

This fast growing community has already made good contributions in helping the members develop Big Data Technology awareness (including hadoop, hive, MapReduce etc.) and skill development. It already has more than five certified members, who developed and demonstrated their skills on the online learning platform provided by the Big Data University.

Members of Big Data India community (Ankit Matta, Badal Bordia and Vishal Soni) also conducted a training about Big Data in Advaiya premises, where more than 15 attendees were provided with an introduction to Big Data technology and concepts, followed by a Hands-On-Lab. In this lab, attendees learned concepts related to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), MapReduce and Hive, and they also learnt ways to process huge amount of data using MapReduce technologies, saving it into Hive Tables, and then loading this data into Excel sheet for advanced analysis.

Big Data is a whole lot of new world and with a platform like Big Data India, all young technocrats can try to use this technology for betterment of the society.

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