Thursday, July 18, 2013

Steps to Redeem $100: Big Data on AWS cloud with "powerof60"

AWS is providing $100 AWS credit for trying out Big Data on cloud.

To take the benefits, here are the steps:
  1. Logon to the home page of event:
  2. Provide your details and register for this event.
  3. If you already have amazon account, same can be used. Amount will be added to your current account. First time users can create a new account by choosing the appropriate option.
  4. Check your (registrated) email from 'powerof60' team. This would have the CODE. (i got the email within few minutes of registration).
  5. Within the email, click on the 'AWS credits redemption page' link. 
  6. Enter the CODE. and BINGO.....$100 straight into your AWS account.
  7. Follow the steps metioned in the Getting Started with AWS : Analyzing Big Data: 

Additional Terms of Use (available on AWS Website ) (see the highlighted parts in particular)
  • This Offer is available until December 31, 2013 to new and existing AWS customers. You will not be eligible for the Offer if you or your organization create(s) more than one AWS account to receive additional benefits under the Offer. You will also not be eligible for the Offer if the AWS account holder is the federal government or other governmental entity and the Offer is inconsistent in any way with applicable laws. You will be charged standard rates for use of AWS services if we determine that you are not eligible for the Offer.
  • You must create and maintain an AWS account in good standing (including a valid credit card) to participate in the Offer. Your participation in the Offer and your use of the AWS services is subject to the AWS Customer Agreement.
  • AWS Credits will expire 60 days after the date of issue or on March 1, 2014 (whichever occurs first).
  • AWS Credits are not valid for the use of any AWS services other than Amazon EC2 and Amazon EMR.  You will be charged AWS’s standard rates for any use of AWS services that is not covered by this Offer. You will also be charged standard rates for use of Amazon EC2 and Amazon EMR after the AWS Credits expire or are consumed.
  • Your use of the AWS Credits will be in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions currently available at, as such guidelines may be updated by AWS from time to time.
  • AWS may stop accepting new registrations for the Offer at any time.

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