Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Social Media Marketing

Few days back, I got a chance to talk about any topic of my interest and a nice audience to listen to me.

Looking at the current list of hot-spoken topics, I choose to share my thoughts and experiences about Social Media marketing, covering its importance and few take care areas. Here is how it goes:

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First of all, let us again recall what Social Media is. Social Media is a platform for interaction among people, where people can create, share and discuss information and ideas in digital form, across virtual communities. These virtual communities may or may not have any real-world existence. 

This social media has changed our lives drastically. There are already many articles available on this:
1)    Look Up by Gary Turk

So, i just gave a thought about it, which what is social media doing to us, or it has already done. It has given us the power to create multiple identities. Traditionally, in the real world, along the course of our lives, we do stuff like we go to school, then we go to college, we do job, we progress gradually, and that’s how we create our own identity. But with the advent of Social Media, this has changed. As any individual log-in into a social networking site, say Facebook, it creates a new virtual identity of himself. With this identity, it can attach his choices and preferences as per his own wish. And since there is no validation process for these claims made on social media, people are free to put any real or false detail, without any hesitation. They can put pictures of other people as their own profile pics, can claim to be living in any random location of choice, can talk about products they never used, or places they never visited. And due to lack of validation, the trust factor on unknown people is also almost negligent over social networks.

The complete story, including the commonly used tools and techniques, advantages of using social media, and few take care areas while using social media are available here:

Please feel free to send your suggestions and comments about the same.

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