Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Creating Image Hyperlinks in excel

(Detailed version of this topic is posted on Microsoft TechNet Gallery here: )

Recently, a very good friend of mine came with a question about doing image-hyperlinking in excel.
In quick, i just created a small example to share with him.

Then thought of sharing with the community so that others may get benefited as well.
So here is how you can create hyper links to images in different sheets within an excel worksheet:

For reference, a sample excel sheet is attached with working example of image hyperlinking.

High level steps:

  • Create a label for the cell where image is pasted (we can create the labels for image too, but that is somehow not working)
  • Create the hyperlink pointing to that label.

Detailed Steps:
1) Paste image in the excel (sheet 2).
2) Click on the first cell (or the centermost cell is image is large) where the image starts from (our flowers are in cell I4).
3) In the menu bar (ribbon on the top of excel screen) go to FORMULA -> Define Names.
4) Provide Name to the cell. For rest values: 'scope'=workbook, 'refers to' should be the cell where we right clicked (=Sheet2!$I$3)

This way, we provided a label to the cell where image is located, now we will create hyperlink to this label.
5) Go to sheet 1, right click on cell where you need the hyperlinking (Cell C2 here)
6) Right click on C2, select Hyperlink
7) Under “Link to” select “Place in this document”. The label that we defined right now would be visible under ‘Defined Names’. Just click that and press OK.

Your link is now ready.

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