Monday, April 30, 2012

Good articles on Qlik View

Good Articles on QlikView
Microsoft's new PowerPivot from a QlikView standpoint (bit old, but interesting content, specially the comments below the article)
A Microsoft guy does QlikView (QlikView from Microsoft’s guys’ perspective).
In-memory BI is not the future. It’s the past. (comparison between in-memory and traditional disk-based technology).
The success of QlikTech and the relentless activities of Microsoft’s marketing machine have managed to confuse many in terms of what role in-memory technology plays in BI implementations. And that is why many of the articles out there, which are written by marketers or market analysts who are not proficient in the internal workings of database technology (and assume their readers aren’t either), are usually filled with inaccuracies and, in many cases, pure nonsense.”

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