Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SAP selects IBM DB2 as a strategic database platform

Very recently, SAP AG adopted IBM DB2 as the database of choice for reducing the complexity and operational costs of its IT landscape, particularly Human Capital Management (HCM), ERP and Business Intelligence applications. The case study outlines how SAP saw major benefits, including:

- Improved response times and efficiency

- High user productivity


The Challenge

SAP IT (the IT department of SAP AG) wanted to be able to take advantage of new SAP software functionalities while reducing the complexity and operational costs of its IT landscape. The company also wanted to move to a new database platform to deliver optimal performance.

The Solution

In three separate projects, SAP IT upgraded its Human Capital Management (HCM), ERP and Business Intelligence applications, simultaneously performing Unicode conversion and migrating databases from Oracle to IBM DB2.


“The efficiency of the new IBM DB2 solution has given us headroom within our database and storage servers to grow as business workload rises, with high user productivity and great return on investment.”

~Peter Boegler, Solution Architect, SAP IT

Another quotable quote:

In addition to the Unicode conversion, we also had a corporate objective to migrate away from our existing Oracle database and onto IBM DB2, which is now the recommended database for SAP software,” says Peter Boegler.

(Real time Case Study)

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  1. And then i saw this: "Oracle leads the market for databases supporting enterprise business applications such as the SAP Business Suite. More than two-thirds of all midsize to high-end SAP customers in every industry entrust their application deployments to Oracle databases."
    (source: http://www.oracle.com/us/solutions/sap/database/index.html)


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